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Hey there, I’m Sincere! Aside from my family, I am passionate about two things cannabis and baking. Being an autodidact baker and cannabis enthusiasts continue to allow my inner fat girl to smile. As a young adult, I was introduced to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. During this time, I suffered from racing thoughts and insomnia, often exacerbated by anxiety and often depression. Let me tell you. It is a distressing sensation when your mind is running a marathon. I tried conventional medications but found I was not a personal supporter. It was my experience that the risks associated with the countless side-effects significantly diminished any positive intent for ‘relief’ from the initial ailments it was prescribed to treat. These ‘treatments’ left me feeling sedated. I needed to regain control of me! With cannabis, I did not feel any of those symptoms. I felt calm, relaxed, and normal.

Later, I was introduced to edibles. Initially, I was skeptical and pessimistic that it would not work. After an hour, I found it had a long and lasting effect. Much longer than smoking. This was a game-changer for me—something special in terms of alternative medical treatment. My thoughts were, how could I get involved to help others similar to myself? The truth was, I never believed that this form of treatment would be realized in the United States. So, the idea of embedding myself into this form of therapy was pushed to the back burner.

I continued to work numerous jobs, all while enhancing my knowledge and respect for cannabis. While successful in managing my ailments in the absence of prescription medicine, career-wise, I felt unfulfilled. Each job left me feeling undervalued and unappreciated. The final straw came when I lost my job in 2019. I was upset, yet I had an overwhelming sense of happiness and relief. It was the stress associated with the loss of income that led me to sink into depression slowly. Cannabis helped.

Amid unfortunate incidences, having an unrelated conversation, I was extended an opportunity of a lifetime. I was now able to conduct research, attend classes, and obtain my certifications in an industry I always envisioned myself apart and doing something I love; cannabis and baking.  I, Sincere, was taking control of my life! Both personally and professionally with cannabis. Through this self-transformation, I found that I was achieving things I never thought possible.

I, Sincere, was rising and from this, SINCERELY ELEVATED was born. 

Consciously Selected Ingredients

What’s so special about my products? Every bite is bursting with flavorful, consciously mindful ingredients – most are gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and vegan. I settle for nothing but the very best because I hold myself to the highest standards. Whether you are craving for a daytime or nighttime CBD snack, brownie, or cookie, to sleep, focus, or relax, I have a treat that you will love. It’s a difference you can taste.


Of course, you can obtain CBD edibles and other products everywhere.  Because CBD is legalized in all 50 states, it is not uncommon to find products in your local convenience store or an online retailer.  A click here, a quick visit there, and CBD is readily available. But, with this comes uncertainty from the unknowns. Where did this CBD come from? Is the dosage correct? How was the product controlled? What else in this package? How far did this product travel?

The answers to these questions are WHAT SETS ME APART FROM THE REST! Other similar businesses to sell infused edibles purchase their CBD from third-parties. By doing this, it is highly probable that they are unfamiliar with the origination of the hemp. Have no knowledge as to how the CBD was extracted. Now dosage is a guessing game of trial and error at your expense. Then there are commercial products. Products that scream ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, yet the label lists preservatives and other ingredients we cannot pronounce.

I have complete control over all of these factors! I am a Certified CBD Specialist. I purchase my hemp from a direct source. I perform all of my extractions and dosaging myself.  All products are produced in a controlled licensed commercial kitchen. I have all of my hemp food establishment permits. I oversee the handling and packaging of each individual item to ensure quality control and product consistently, all down to the labeling.  

My products are ‘From my hands to yours!

Need I say more.  

Local Minority Woman-Owned

As a minority woman-owned business, there is an intrinsic and indescribable pride behind this accomplishment alone. Being able to have something that I can truly call my own.  An idea that I nurtured and watched grow into something viable and tangible is beyond words. An opportunity to establish a legacy and be the model for my children, who truly understand and have witnessed my story, that with determination, faith, and perseverance despite obstacles, all things you dream are possible. I treasure sharing this life lesson with my children. It also brings me pride to be able to provide a service and help the community I love.



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